Zafir Hassan Ghali and Intisar Hussein ahmed. Assessment Of Bcr/abl Fusion Gene In Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Natural Sciences / Biology / Genetics

Submitted on: Nov 23, 2017, 11:28:43

Description: Chromosomal translocations play a crucial role in tumorigenesis often resulting in the formation of chimeric genes or in gene deregulation through position effects. In this study, a case report of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia(ALL) was investigated using bacterial artificail chromosome(BAC) clones by fluorescence in situ hybridization(FISH) analysis to assess BCR/ABL fusion gene. . Translocation (9;22) was confirmed using Rp11-120F8 and Rp11-188C12 BAC clones, mapping more telomerically than ABL gene (chromosome 9:132,597,089,132,752,833).FISH analysis performed in this study confirmed BCR/ABL fusion gene in this case of

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