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Submitted on: Jan 13, 2018, 03:26:33

Description: The hypothesis was that the same cumulative frequency of graphemes (CFG) is located, starting from the greatest value in the related texts in the same language, despite differences in their sequence indicate the translation close to the classical homogeneity of the natural logarithms CFG and their shares. Presents frequency of graphemes (FG) and CFG is well as their share in the entire epic, and 12 scrolls. Based on quantitative characteristics of the natural logarithms of the FG is described with sufficient accuracy by polynomials of second and third degree, and the natural logarithm CFG second degree polynomial, logarithmic and exponential equations, and a polynomial of the third degree. It should be noted the change in relative (RS, the exponent b in the exponential equation) and relative exponential speed (RES, the exponent bx in the exponential equation) RS and RES LN FG and CFG hich indicate the similarity (homogeneity indexes) except for the case and scroll to LN RS 1 CFG and case for RS LN CFG, and for the ERS LN CFG for the body. It can confirm the quality of translation into Russian language is studied Japanese prose, which is close to the classical ("Samurai"). It is shown that RS LN CFG homogeneously decreases from -0,2510 to -0,2220 scrolls 6,10,12,8,2, 11,5,"Samurai",7,9,3, and LN CFG E" 0,0373 to 0,0309 scrolls 6,5,7,9,1,12,2,10,4,11,3, "Samurai", pointing to the proximity of the scrolls of classical Japanese prose and a modern translation into Russian language. The dependence of a share CFG of the sequence CFG throughout the body and 12 scrolls, starting with the greatest magnitude, describes with sufficient accuracy the exponential, logarithmic equations, polynomials second, third and fourth degree. It is shown that RS share LN CFG homogeneously decreases from 0,3713 to 0,3041 scrolls 6,5,7,9,2,10,12,4,1,8,3,case and 11, and RES E" 0,0288 x to 0,0224 x scrolls 6,5,7,9,2,12,4,1,8,housing,3,11,10, pointing to the proximity of the scrolls of class...

The Library of Congress (USA) reference page : http://lccn.loc.gov/cn2013300046.

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