Myroslava Lukianets. Basic Notions and General Characteristics of Conflict Communication

Social Sciences / Communication / Linguistics

Submitted on: Jan 30, 2018, 07:16:19

Description: Conflict communication is a complex process in which humans initiate and maintain their social relationships and emotional contacts with each other by means of verbal and nonverbal signs. People communicate differently that often causes misunderstandings. Conflict communication is defined as a natural disagreement resulting from individuals that differ in their attitudes, beliefs, values or needs, and is presented in their speech. Conflict tends to be accompanied by significant levels of misunderstanding that considerably exaggerates the perceived disagreement between interlocutors. Conflict communication has several general characteristics. It arises because of people‚Eôs miscommunication and develops in accordance with the speakers‚Eô goals and objectives. Thus, conflict can be of different intensity levels: low, medium, and high, which presuppose various styles in facing conflict: avoidance, blaming and power usage.

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