Tomas G.Petrov. Hierarchical periodic system of chemical compositions of objects of any nature and its relation to the Periodic system of chemical elements

Natural Sciences / Chemistry / Theoretical chemistry

Submitted on: Feb 12, 2018, 13:52:04

Description: RHA method (R-rank formula, H-entropy, A-anentropy) developed for the univocal description - indexing E" of chemical compositions, and ordering method of the obtained indices is briefly described. Lexicographic ordering of rank formulas is based on the Periodic system of elements as an alphabet. This provides for the formation of an hierarchical periodic system of compositions as a universal classification of chemical composition of natural and artificial objects, as well as the objects to be discovered or synthesized. A particular role of entropy characteristics in the study of compositional changes is emphasized. A comparison of the original and generated systems is made by 17 positions. The main features of utilizing the hierarchical periodic system of compositions are listed. Refs. 16 names.

Key words: Periodic system of elements, hierarchical periodic system of compositions, alphabets, rank formula, information entropy, anentropy, separation, mixing.

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