Alexander Bolonkin. Provisional (patent) application Inertial Impulse Electric Thermonuclear Reactor and Method of It.

Natural Sciences / Physics / Atomic theory

Submitted on: Aug 29, 2018, 20:42:36

Description: The author offers the new small reactor and method for getting a nuclear energy. Main idea is getting a high temperature by new high intensity opposed electric field and two opposed collision jets. Reactor has many innovations and can easy to get the high ignition temperature up 30 keV (350 million K), has enough fuel density (~6×1028 1/m3) and conformation (10-6 sec) without the cryogenic, laser or magnetic systems. Author invited a new method for heating of plasma by a direct electric currency, not using laser and laser compressing or heating X-ray or particles beam, not using magnetic field for plasma conformation. No cryogenic temperature. Reactor has Lawson criterion in hundreds of times more than need. The fuel may be liquid, sold, chemical elements and their measures or a compressed gas into ampule. Reactor can work on cheap D+D nuclear fuel (1 gram of deuterium cost only 1$), is very cheap and has a small installation. Author offered the ideas how to easy convert nuclear energy into mechanical energy, electricity, rocket thrust and some chemical elements into the need elements. The main test (getting the thermonuclear reaction) costs only some ten thousand dollars. If test will be successful, we can immediately design the engines for ships, trains, submarines, electric stations, propulsions for rockets and so on.

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