John C. Hodge. Stoe replaces relativity and quantum mechanics

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Oct 03, 2018, 10:46:24

Description: BOOk Summary: Available, Paperback, 416 pages ISBN-10: 6139914655 ISBN-13: 978-5139914654 The need for a paradigm shift is growing. Many ad hoc models and outlandish speculations abound to model many unexplained observations. The Scalar Theory Of Everything (STOE) audacious claim of a new paradigm is supported by corresponding to relativity and quantum mechanics; by explaining many problematical observations; and by making and fulfilling several predictions. It posits 2 components of the universe emerge to form everything. It models the universe as composed of cells with Sources (spiral galaxies) and Sinks (elliptical galaxies and matter). It forms the Universal Equations, one equation to define the potential at all points and one equation that uses the potential to exert forces on matter. These equations are applied the microwave background temperature, rotation curves, asymmetric rotation curves, galaxy redshift and discrete redshift, the pioneer anomaly, light interference, etc. The wave model of light is rejected by 2 experiments predicted by the STOE. Maxwell's Equations are modified. Life and society application of the STOE principles is suggested.

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