Sofia Trykolenko. Beaded tales made by Olga Trycolenko

Visual Art / Other / Decorative arts

Submitted on: Nov 12, 2018, 01:10:21

Description: Tradition of the Ukrainian national breastpiece - gerdana - has more than one century. Modern masters work directly from old samples, creating and circulating products characteristic of the nineteenth century; thus embodying their own creative vision, literally rethinking folk ornaments, attracting new materials to their works and eclecting the traditions of different historical epochs and geographical areas. Modern beadings combine already familiar beads and glass beads, the color and structural scale of which are now practically unlimited, different in shape and texture of beads, crystals, metal, wooden, plastic elements, etc.. At exhibitions devoted to beading, you can see Beadings with a variety of ornaments, which, in response to traditional forms, embody the latest author's vision.

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