Alexander Bolonkin. Science Research and Patenting of Innovations

Natural Sciences / Physics / Atomic theory

Submitted on: Dec 02, 2018, 15:43:01

Description: At the present time the USA‚Eôs Federal Government spends big tax monies for Scientific Research and Development (R&D). How to best organize this vast governmental activity, how to best estimate its ultimate utility and profitability (real and potential), how to best increase efficiency of innovation and production, how to best estimate the worth of new discoveries and innovations, how to properly fund R&D of new concepts and innovations, and how to correctly estimate their results, how to improve a patenting all these macro-problems are important for successful planning of scientific research, new systems‚E"these are all complex and pressing questions that require answers if further industrial progress and scientific improvements are ever to be! The authors consider these some major-system problems and offer many remarkable innovations in organization, estimation, suggestions for entirely new research efficiency criteria, development, new methods for assessments of new ideas, innovations in science and industry, and new methods in patenting technology. The author A.A. Bolonkin worked for many years within the USA‚Eôs Federal Government entities (scientific laboratories of NASA, Air Force), and USSR and USA universities and industry. -------------------------------------------------- Keywords: Organizing scientific research, planning of research, funding research, funding new ideas (concepts), funding inventions and innovations, estimating research cost, assessment of research results, research efficiency criteria, innovation in organizing of scientific R&D, patenting.

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