ADELEYE, Oluwafunke Adeola. A Historical Analysis of the Interconnectivity of Ogun Onire Festival and Ire-ekiti: Tracing the Ancestral Link

Social Sciences / History / Cultural history

Submitted on: Feb 25, 2019, 12:02:46

Description: Ogun is a prominent god in Yoruba traditional religious belief. He is renowned and might not require the introduction needed for some other deities in Yorubaland. This study examines the migration account of the origin of the people of Ire-Ekiti, belief about Supreme Being (God) who is worshipped through gods in Yorubaland prior to the coming of the Europeans and the indigenous culture in Ire-Ekiti before the advent of Western Culture. The study focuses principally on the form of Ogun that does not enjoy prominence, which represent a deviation from its other forms in Yorubaland. The focus of this study is to assess the heroic deeds of Ogun, the deity on the evolution of Ire community in Ekiti State. The study examines the circumstances culminating in the emergence of the celebration of Ogun, a deity in Yorubaland. Though Ogun is peculiar to the Yoruba race, he will be discussed majorly within the boundaries of Ire-Ekiti. The study makes use of historical analysis to achieve its objectives. To attain this, primary and secondary sources were used. Primary sources include interview, praise poems, cognomen and rituals. The secondary sources include written materials e.g. journals, textbooks, newspapers, monographs and internet materials.

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