Alexander Bolonkin. Computation the Inertial Fusion Reactors and Capacitor Driver

Natural Sciences / Physics / Atomic theory

Submitted on: Feb 28, 2019, 20:33:59

Description: In the last sixty years, the government spent the tens billion dollars attempting to develop useful thermonuclear energy. However, scientists cannot yet reach a stable thermonuclear reaction. They still are promising publically, after another 15 E" 20 years, and additional tens of billions of US dollars to finally design the expensive workable industrial installation, which possibly will produce electric energy more expensive than current heat, wind and hydroelectric stations can in 2018. Author offers in [1] the new, small cheap, impulse thermonuclear reactors. In given book he offers the new thermonuclear fuels for Inertial Fusion Reactors, makes computations a new cheap fusion reactor and offers and computes a new capacitor as a cheap driver for fusion ignition. In Part 1 (Fuel) Author cosides the fuel for Fusion and Fission Reators (Tritium, Deuterium, Helium-3, Hydrogen, Litium, Boron, Beryllium, Uranion-238, Uranion-235, Plutonium, Hydranes) In Part 2 (Theory and Computation) the author computes the the new thermonuclear reactions for different fuels. He assumes, that ignition temperature is 10 keV and volume of fuel camera is constant. In Part 3 (Thery and computation of the new capasitor-deiver) the author suggests a new capasitor as driver and computes the capasitor-driver. He defines the requests which new capasitor must satisfay for to reaches the ignition 10 keV.

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