Maryna Panasiuk. Methods of construction and features of operation of solar cells with luminescent coatings

Natural Sciences / Physics / Electromagnetism

Submitted on: Mar 20, 2019, 11:15:59

Description: It was shown that the development of highly effective and technologically simple structures of solar cells is an actual trend in the field of experimental physics and engineering. It is noted that the main factor of low efficiency of conversion of solar energy into electric one for standard single-layer photoelectric converters is the inconsistency of the absorption spectrum of the solar cell and the spectrum of solar radiation. To solve this problem, it is proposed to apply a luminescent coating to the solar cell, it allows the solar radiation spectrum to be translated into the absorption region of the photoelectric converter. The possibility of increasing the efficiency of this approach in the construction of relief structures based on solar cells is determined, optimal parameters of these structures for a set of luminophors and a photovoltaic converter based on polycrystalline silicon, which have been used as model objects, have been calculated. Peculiarities of the operation of solar cells of this type are considered, connected with high level of pollution in conditions of prolonged operation. The technology of purification of the developed structures of solar panels from pollution, based on the system of application of deionized water with a controlled level of acidity and alkalinity, is proposed.

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