Mohammad Shafiq Khan. Theory of Origin & Phenomenon of Life

Social Sciences / Psychology / Neuropsychology

Submitted on: Mar 26, 2012, 19:08:51

Description: Origin of life and understanding the universe had been the matter of inquisitors to mankind. A new theory is put forward here that could also be called "Revitalism" compared to the vitalism of previous two centuries. So far science has not visualized that besides matter and electromagnetic radiation any other form of "energy" can exist. Now having realized that there could be dark energy which has been proved to be existing (vide "energy theory of matter & cosmology" written by the author in the same issue). Scientists with an open mind look for other forms of "energy" so as to better understand the universe, matter and the life forms. There is an energy which acts as the source of life in different life forms. A fresh view of all the life sciences is required so as to have the perfect understanding of phenomenon of life.

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