Lolita Vorobiova. Implementation of the Dalton Plan Ideas into Ukrainian alternative schooling

Social Sciences / Education / Types of institutions

Submitted on: Mar 29, 2019, 09:33:36

Description: The article deals with the first Ukrainian experience concerning the implementation of the components of the American pedagogical model of the Dalton Plan. The originator of The Dalton Plan and the founder of the prestigious Dalton School in New York was internationally known and honored for the contribution into the education. In Ukraine, the Dalton Plan had not been applied until 2017. It was pioneered by the alternative EDEC life schoolE in the city of Kiev. The DEC life school is based on the Dalton Plan, the Amonashvili School of Life and the Finnish curriculum. The characteristic feature of the Dalton plan can traced in tutoring - accompaniment in teaching, which is provided by a teacher and addressed to each student individually. The dynamics of the implementation of the ideas of the Dalton Plan in the Ukrainian pedagogical space can be confidently characterized as a positive one.

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