Kofanov Andrii. Criminal Law And Forensic Classification Of Smooth-bore Firearms

Social Sciences / Law / Criminal law

Submitted on: Apr 04, 2019, 11:45:44

Description: The short historical analysis of appearing, development and formation of smooth-bore fire-arms in the world allows to pass to us to definition of concept and its classification on fighting, those of special purpose and the hunting smooth-bore fire-arms. The fighting smooth-bore fire-arms (FSBW) is the weapon with smooth trunks in which kinetic energy of combustion of gunpowder for the ejection of an individual or plural shell which is on arms in armed forces of many countries of the world (the USA, Italy, France, Germany) is used and are specially intended for the decision of fighting and operatively-office problems in the process of which live force of the opponent is destroyed. Thus the elements which attack the opponent are case-shot (usual lead, steel - plated), special arrow-like elements (which initial speed about 800 m/s), bullets. Unlike fighting the smooth-bore fire-arms of a special purpose are the weapon intended for conducting of special operations and the solution of operatively-service problems in the process of which live force of the opponent is wounded (not mortally). It is not on arms in Armed forces, and is applied in police, militia, safety public service, special purpose groups. Factors which attack the opponent are the rubber or plastic bullets, a case-shot, substances of lachrymatory or irritating action, a rubber-sticky liquid, incendiary, marking mixes (in grenades) and shells of charges which are used for fighting smooth-bore fire-arms.This weapon is used only in police and groups of a special purpose (Ministry of Internal Affairs) and is intended for conducting special operations and performance of operatively-office problems in the process of which live force of the opponent is injured or destroyed. Versions of this weapon differ one from another in the technical characteristics, different design features (decisions) and technical standards of the countries-manufacturers. Taking into account these features it is offered to classify smoot...

The Library of Congress (USA) reference page : http://lccn.loc.gov/cn2013300046.

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