Artyom Kravchenko. How large businesses convert volatility in emerging markets into opportunity

Social Sciences / Economics / Microeconomics

Submitted on: Apr 19, 2019, 19:01:21

Description: In fact, the rapid pace of change and unpredictability in volatile markets make it harder for any company to plan and commit on top line as well as bottom line figures. However, in case with international companies, once volume and profit forecasts are submitted to headquarters, it has to be delivered upon HQEs expectations, otherwise the creditability of local management might be seriously doubted. As a result, the question EWhat shall we do today in order to deliver tomorrow even if a storm arises?E is on top of the agenda among business leaders in emerging markets. Based on my experience, I suggest 7 strategies that, when implemented properly, may help consumer product goods companies to be better prepared for uncertainties and capture growing opportunities in the worldEs most dynamic economies. These strategies are by no means comprehensive and everything I share here I had a chance to execute either by leading the entire project or contributing into one.

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