John C. Hodge. Stoe explaination for the ''ether wind

Natural Sciences / Physics / Relativity

Submitted on: Apr 30, 2019, 14:55:20

Description: The Michelson-Morley, the Miller, and other experiments have detected an ''ether wind and have stirred a long--standing controversy. The Scalar Theory Of Everything (STOE) is applied to the measurements of the Miller experiment. The STOE's plenum is comparable to the ether. The result is the divergence of the plenum caused by the Sun and Moon and the measured direction of the ''ether wind are at an angle of $ 91^circ pm 8^circ$ with a confidence of $1 sigma$. This suggests that these experiments are measuring the degree of tilt relative to the plenum divergence. That is, the measurements are not detecting the changing light path that results in the real Lorentz matter contraction hypothesis, but rather the measurements are detecting the changing light speed and direction caused by the divergence of the plenum. The support for the Lorentz matter contraction hypothesis as a real contraction is removed.

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