Filchenkova Olga. Ecological self-education of adults as an element of sustainable development

Natural Sciences / Earth Sciences / Environmental science

Submitted on: May 02, 2019, 10:46:57

Description: Abstracts. The article highlights the importance of environmental education in ensuring the sustainable development of the country‚Eôs economy and the contribution to the achievement of sustainable development goals. The importance of environmental education for adults and the availability of its receipt is emphasized. The relevance of these issues in the system of strategic planning of the Russian Federation, the role of specially protected natural territories in the formation of environmental thinking is described. The problematic aspects related to the mechanism of environmental education, including depth of study of these issues in the federal state educational standards are revealed. The directions and forms of adult self-education on environmental education and improving environmental culture are shown. Keywords: environmental education, education of adults, self-education, sustainable development, goals of sustainable development, environmental protection, environmental safety.

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