Kofanova Nataliya, Kofanov Andrii, Svoboda Eugenia, Pavlovska Nataliia, Romanenko Oleksii. Decentralization Of Authorities And Local Government Reform In Ukraine: Their Impact On The Efficiency Of Public Law, Power And Strengthening Of Democracy

Social Sciences / Law / Common law and equity

Submitted on: May 06, 2019, 13:57:18

Description: The decentralization of power in Ukraine, together with its impact on the efficiency of public authority and strengthening of democracy, is considered through a prism of theoretical concepts, dealing with the variety of types and major decentralization models, coupled with the corresponding advantages and risks. Research Design & Methods: The analysis covers the research and theoretical concepts, offering their own approach to decentralization by delegating certain public authorities to a lower level. It also considers the experience of other international countries to pass the decentralization process; the tools and risks that may be associated with the decentralization process; and the achievements and challenges of the decentralization process in Ukraine. In the same time, the authors concentrate on substantiating the importance of balancing the national and local interests. Contribution / Value Added: Although being theoretical, the article provides a foundation for a successful implementation of the decentralization process in Ukraine, which is a part of the most sectoral reforms. Finding and recommendations: The authors believe that efficiency of public authority and strengthening of democracy in Ukraine shall depend on the ability of political elite to cooperate creatively and constructively for the further implementation of reforms under condition of the delineation of competences, functions, and responsibilities between the central, regional and local levels of government and territorial communities based on the new administrative and territorial division. It shall also depend on a greater political involvement among the primary holders of political power (citizens and community), which entails a greater understanding and support within a political elite and society. In case of Ukraine, the decentralization represents the imperative of our time and the foundation of the democratic governance model.

The Library of Congress (USA) reference page : http://lccn.loc.gov/cn2013300046.

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