Artyom Kravchenko. Ai, Robotics, and the Workplace of the Future

Natural Sciences / Computer Science / Artificial intelligence

Submitted on: Jul 11, 2019, 21:26:45

Description: Robotics has been developing at an enormous speed with the AI advancements of the past decades. Today‚Eôs robots boast advanced performance, dexterity, and ever-increasing intelligence that allow them to analyze the dynamic external environment and employ contingent decision-making. While machine learning is still at the germinal stage of development, some notable steps forward (e.g., probabilistic modelling, Bayesian optimization, data compression) have been made to equip contemporary robots with more functionality. Such improvements contributed to the commonplace introduction of automatons in the workplace to substitute human labor, thus causing rising concerns about the threats of industrial computerization to the human jobs globally. This article explores the implementation of AI in robotics, determines the ways in which intelligent robots change the contemporary workplace, and lays out the forthcoming changes expected in the job structure and skills related to workplace robotization.

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