PHILIP MUCHIRI MWANGI. Logistical Factors Influencing Disaster Responsiveness Of Humanitarian Organizations In Kenya (case Of Kenya Red Cross Society)

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Submitted on: Aug 13, 2019, 11:48:18

Description: When a disaster strikes, logistical teams in humanitarian organizations must act with speed to deliver humanitarian goods to save lives and alleviate the suffering of the affected population. Emergency teams are expected to be at the scene of a disaster as soon as it happens and any delay results in severe criticism from the public and the afflicted population. Communication technology has advanced tremendously such that events are reported live as they happen thus scrutinizing the responsiveness of humanitarian organizations. However, responding to a disaster is not as simple as it assumed to be. Often humanitarian organizations arrive late and seem not to be prepared to cope. There are many factors that determine disaster responsiveness some of which are beyond their control. The purpose of this study was therefore to explore the logistical factors that influence the responsiveness of humanitarian organisations in Kenya. The objective was to determine how infrastructure, funding, warehousing and coordination influenced the responsiveness of humanitarian organization in Kenya. The researcher selected case study approach with a focus on Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS). KRCS was selected because it is the largest humanitarian organization in Kenya and has presence across the country. The target population was 329 employees of the Kenya Red Cross Society based in Nairobi and who ware directly connected to logistics. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select a sample of 60 respondents. The study used descriptive research design and chose questionnaire as the tool for data collection. The study was based on a conceptual framework hence descriptive statistical data analysis was ideal. Collected data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics with aid of SPSS version 25. The study found that KRCS depended on donor funding and delay in funding impacted on disaster responsiveness. Road infrastructure affected logistics but this was beyond the c...

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