Victor Popov. Complex integration of aerodynamic micro-foam generators into specialized technological devices with artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks for system control

Natural Sciences / Computer Science / Artificial intelligence

Submitted on: Oct 13, 2019, 21:06:02

Description: The system of aerodynamic foam generation is covered in this article as well as its structure and main technological and structural characteristics. The author describes technological and industrial processes related to production of thin filmed micro assemblies from which logically follows the expediency of using micro foam for solving specified objectives, its main advantages as well as reasoning behind choosing the aerodynamic principle for foam generation. Besides the principles of system operation, the author also considered different options for its application in industrial settings. Special attention is focused on the application at lines of photolithographic masking and galvanic coating on the boards of thin filmed micro assemblies, but the author also considers a case for usage as a fuel mixture which leads to reduction of fuel consumption and simplification of the construction of combustion chamber sealing or cylinders of the diesel engine. Author considers in detail the main structural components of the construction of the device for aerodynamic micro foam generation as well as the properties and characteristics of the obtained micro foal primarily due to aerodynamic effect. Thorough description is given to the principle diagram and principles of assembly operation for using the aerodynamic foam generator for various industrial technological processes. Comparative analysis is conducted for the suggested technical object and known technical objects that were discovered during patent search. As a result, the list of properties for significant novelty is elicited and outlined. The described system allows usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning for system control. Analyses of the suggested technology was performed in accordance with the methods and criteria of Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and Algorithms of Inventive Problem Solving.

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