Glen Gilchrist. A Simple Method to Determine Surface Albedo Using Digital Photography

Natural Sciences / Earth Sciences / Atmospheric science

Submitted on: Mar 28, 2012, 21:01:22

Description: Surface albedo is an important concept, useful in explaining how closed systems (such as the Earth - Atmosphere) respond to incident radiant energy. Specialist, calibrated equipment is used by geo-scientists to measure ambient and reflected radiation from subject sources - this is often cost prohibitive within a teaching environment. A "semi" calibrated method is presented, utilising simple digital photography of both reference and subject sample. Using the "levels" function built into freely available image editing software, a simple algorithm is presented that allows a relative reflectance of the sample image to be calculated. Processing this with relation to a calibrated image allows for the simple determination of surface albedo. Using this method, albedo levels within 3% of a calibrated meter are obtained.

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