Lidiya Koval. Simplified Method of Visualization of Light Distribution at the Initial Stage of Design of Symmetrical Led Luminaires

Visual Art / Architecture / Post-Modernism and the 21st century

Submitted on: Nov 18, 2019, 16:43:44

Description: The article offers a simplified method of visualization of light distribution of LED luminaires, with due consideration of specifics of LED as illuminant: namely, its dime size that allows to consider it a point source, and broad installation opportunities E" combination with different shapes and surfaces. The efficacy of the proposed method is confirmed by calculation and visualization of light distribution of symmetrical LED luminaires. Among them there are three rotationally symmetrical luminaires that demonstrate which way the shape of shade influences luminous distribution. Main results of the research have been obtained owing to the elaboration and use demonstration of a simplified methodology of calculation and visualization of light distribution of symmetrical LED luminaires grounding on the combination of graphical-analytical method and computing methods with the use of free software, namely IESGen, LDT Editor, IESviewer.

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