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Submitted on: Dec 02, 2019, 06:17:05

Description: This article is dedicated to the investigation of the possibility of the monitoring process physical parameters occurring in process vessels containing so-called dead zones. Modern production requires a qualitative, uniform throughout the volume of capacity, the technological process. During the working cycle of the processes flow in process vessels there are parts, the dynamics of processes in which differs from the dynamics of processes in other, more active parts of process vessel. Such activity is due to the circular liquids movement. Processes, chemical reactions in different turbulence areas proceed with a difference, and the results of measurements can vary significantly. The chemical reactions require control. An important issue is the possibility of equalizing process parameters in all parts of the vessel, including in dead zones. The author of the article proposes an monitoring technique of a process vessel entire working volume by means of a special measuring module in the form of a sleeve with a built-in measuring instrument. Two versions of this device are considered: stationary and mobile. It is pointed out the importance of selecting the shape of the device in order to avoid mechanical resistance during the process fluid movement. The principle of operation is proposed for both implementations of the device E" comparison of the reference signals of the resonant sensor with the signal obtained from the trial measurement. The article is recommended for engineers involved in controlling of technological processes physical parameters in modern automated production.

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