Makrushin R.. Innovation Engineering Education

Social Sciences / Education / Technology

Submitted on: Dec 05, 2019, 15:27:27

Description: The author analyzes the issues of training engineers capable of innovation in the modern world. Some contradictions in the educational process and their consequences are indicated. Ideas for developing studentsâE™ innovative approach are suggested. The role of production methodological developments is touched upon. It points to the task of training specialists with a high level of skill, creative potential, ready and capable of creative activity, with the fact that teachers can not divide students into capable of creative work and are not capable of separating them. The question is raised about a professional mobile specialist and an innovative specialist, a creative specialist with the skills and skills to make innovative decisions in his and related fields of science, technology and technology. It points out the importance of competencies related to production and technological and organizational management activities, planning and conducting experiments and design developments. The issue of training a professionally mobile specialist within the walls of an educational institution, capable of solving various professional tasks, designing its own professional activity, ready for purposeful professional creativity is considered. It points to the importance of forming a creative beginning only after acquiring all the necessary knowledge and skills in the process of applying them.

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