Mark Zilberman. Is Gravity the Only Way to Bend Space-time?

Natural Sciences / Physics / Relativity

Submitted on: Mar 04, 2020, 19:59:53

Description: The purpose of this article is to raise the question, "Is gravity the only way to bend the space-time, or can there be other ways to bend space-time?" The answer to this question can be either, A) a description of the mechanism of non-gravitational curvature of space-time, or B) proof that gravity is the only method to bend space-time and there is no other way. Since modern science can prove neither A nor B, the question raised in this article remains open. This article also discusses and rejects the objection that non-gravitational curvature of space-time would be observed as a kind of "additional" gravity, what is not taking place. The scale and strength of non-gravitational curvature is important. Also, the non-gravitational curvature of space-time does not necessarily have the U-shaped form, which we observe as a gravity. (Published in "Intellectual Archive" vol.9, #1, pp.15-16. DOI: 10.32370/IA_2020_01_3).

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