Alexey Imamov. How can ping-pong and standing on nails help a person?

Natural Sciences / Biology / Anatomy

Submitted on: Apr 07, 2020, 02:53:34

Description: Those who consider table tennis an easy sport are mistaken. Although it would seem that two people are standing and throwing a ball to each other. Well, what can be difficult here? Only those who have never played table tennis think so. In fact, "ping-pong" develops a lot of not only physical, but also moral and volitional qualities. This is strength, dexterity, quickness of reaction, and the ability to predict and anticipate the situation at the table. When playing tennis, fine motor skills are also developed. But let's look at everything in order. In a sport like table tennis, strength is not developed in the direct sense of the word. Of course, when playing tennis, the arm muscles will not be the same as those of bodybuilders. But the muscles, without a doubt, become more prominent, as the shoulder joint, biceps and triceps, as well as the muscles of the hands work.

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