Parshikov I.A.. Microbial Synthesis of Potentially Anti-cancer O-3,4-epoxyheranyl-n-phenylcarbamate

Natural Sciences / Biology / Microbiology

Submitted on: Jun 23, 2020, 10:17:35

Description: Abstract: In result of microbial oxidation of geranyl-N-phenylcarbamate by the growing Beauveria bassiana culture was obtained O-3,4-epoxyheranyl-N-phenylcarbamate in 30% yield. The process was running regioselective with the formation of the sole metabolite. Reference: Parshikov I.A. Microbial Synthesis of Potentially Anti-cancer O-3,4-epoxyheranyl-N-phenylcarbamate. // Natural and Technical Sciences, Moscow: Sputnik+, 2020, N 5. P.37-38. NOTE: Please, don't lose my middle name - A (Parshikov I.A.)

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