Alexander Bolonkin. Ion Air Rocket Propulsion

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Jun 26, 2020, 15:52:38

Description: Modern cosmonautics and Earthly aviation, based on liquid and turbo-air engines, have nearly exhausted the range of their technical capabilities. There is little significant present-day and future progress in monetary cost reduction of trips and flights into outer space. Passenger planes can hardly exceed the speed of sound, and the cost of launching into space is still more than 15-25 thousand US dollars per kilogram. Progress on pricing can only be based on fundamentally new technologies that can improve these indicators tenfold. For example, the inter-continental flight-time will be reduced to 30 E" 40 minutes, and the cost of a flight to outer space will be reduced to the current cost of a long-distance airline ticket. The author offers a fundamentally new electric air-jet engine that can operate at cosmic speeds up to Mach 25 and higher and be ten times more economical than liquid-jet engines.

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