John C. Hodge. Magnetic field causes the strong and weak nuclear forces and is the Gut force

Natural Sciences / Physics / Nuclear physics

Submitted on: Jul 28, 2020, 09:14:04

Description: The Scalar Theory of Everything (STOE) suggests the four fundamental forces are emergent properties of the magnetic field of permanent magnets. The STOE postulates the fractal (self--similar) principle that suggests small size scales are similar to our everyday size scale. Thus, the assembly of permanent magnets into a sphere is similar to a nucleon. The magnetic force from the sphere varies as the inverse cube of the distance from the center of the sphere (nucleon) which is approximately exponential, it has short range attractive field, it is an assembly of gluons (short photons), it explains the one proton to one electron atomic structure despite the large difference in mass, it suggests a size limit to the nucleon, it reminds of strong and weak forces, and it suggests a structure of the nucleus has protons on an outside shell. The STOE has the feature of the other sense of a ''Theory of Everything - that of a ''Grand Unified Theory (GUT).

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