Bragina Daria Grigorievna. On ethnic phenomena in the sphere of material culture of the Yakuts (late Xx - early Xxi centuries)

Social Sciences / Other / Anthropology

Submitted on: Nov 21, 2020, 22:45:02

Description: The growing role of ethnicity in the entire complex of its constituent parameters is becoming one of the influential factors of our time. It is not surprising that the study of national revival phenomena is becoming one of the topical areas of the humanities, especially in Russia. At a time when society is going through the process of irreversible restoration of national self-awareness in its fundamental rights, awareness of the universal human significance of each national culture, the humanities could not but turn to a comprehensive study of the ethnic phenomenon. This article shows some manifestations of ethnic characteristics in the material culture of the Yakuts, the indigenous population of the North of Russia in the extreme conditions of their residence. Integration tendencies in the material sphere of culture are characterized by a wide spread of standardized forms of culture. In addition, the Soviet period was characterized by transformations in the sphere of traditional culture. On the contrary, in the post-Soviet period, in connection with the growth of national self-awareness, interest in national forms of life is intensified, a process of revival of elements of the traditional culture of the Yakuts is observed, manifested in clothing, food, and housing. Modern changes in this sphere of material culture simultaneously show the influence of the ethnic factor, the forms of its manifestation in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

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