Nataliia Leshchenko. Activities of religious organizations in preschool field of Ukraine (during 2nd half of 19th century – 1920s)

Social Sciences / Education / Preschools

Submitted on: Feb 28, 2021, 07:35:12

Description: The article considers the contribution of Orthodox organizations and institutions to the functioning of Ukrainian preschool system during 2nd half of 19th century E" 1920s. The analysis of the archival and source base denoted that the activities of the church-parish and monastery asylums, religious-educational fraternities, parish guardianships and private initiative of the clergy has subserved the formation of this branch at the social level. The author of the research defines and characterizes the main tendencies of their organizational and regulatory work with children of 3-6 years old (guardianship, educational activities, education). The attention is focused on the general characterizing of the basic ideas that were directly implemented in the practice of preschool education: the task of moral, religious, labour and physical education of children, the formation of their basic erudition and value orientation. The education of parents is also included in the activity spectrum of the religious institutions during the studied period. The presented material contributes to the deepening of scientific knowledge on the history of preschool education in Ukraine.

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