Svarnyk Bohdan. Establishment Of Eastern European Theater Pantomyms

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Submitted on: Apr 21, 2021, 07:57:01

Description: The features of the origin and development of the pantomime theater in the countries of Eastern Europe in the 60-70s of the XX century are studied on the basis of the analysis of the experimental activities of the founder of the Czech school of classical modern pantomime L. Vialka, the Slovak pantomime M. Sladek, the Latvian artist, actor and director M. Tenisson, Estonian pantomime by A. Traks. The study found that the theater of pantomimi, having rendered the meaning expanded in the lands of Eastern Europe in the other half of the twentieth century. ma" a long time Greek pokazhennya. Unimportant to those who are more concretely suspicious, unambiguously vis-à-vis, it is not a matter of antiquity, mid-century and modern traditions of pantomime vistavs, which are clearly explained by the peculiarities of the pantomical types of egg mystical.

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