Irina Dzividzinska. Language Learning For Creative Thinking, Cultural And Philosophical Insight

Social Sciences / Education / Pedagogy

Submitted on: Jun 04, 2021, 09:00:22

Description: This article presents a model of educational approach that encompasses knowledge, wisdom, culture, intelligence and creativity, synthesized. The article opens with a general discussion of issues in modern strategies and programs. Then it discusses the role of creativity in leadership, dividing the discussion into academic and practical aspects. Next it deals with the role of pleasure reading in academic curriculum. Then it discusses the role of wisdom in leadership. The article closes with Summing up the above English teaching-learning strategies analysis. Educators are faced daily with making important and pervasive decisions. This is especially significant in higher education, where decisions about curriculum will have considerable impact on the next generation of translators/interpreters. Rational decisions about the substance of learning and instruction help achieve the goals of high education.

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