Prуkhod`ko Kseniia Oleksandrivna. Creative Environment In The Context Of Coworking Center Design

Visual Art / Other / design

Submitted on: Nov 28, 2021, 04:00:47

Description: The article is devoted to identifying the features of the creative environment in the context of the specifics of the space of the coworking center and to determine the basic design principles and means of its creation. The concept of "creative space" in the context of the specifics of the design of the coworking center has been clarified and supplemented. In this study, the concept of creative environment is considered by us as a subject-spatial environment, in the process of development and creation of which the designer takes into account not only the specifics of the philosophy of self-realization, but also tools to meet this need. anthropocentric approach The study found that modern coworking centers, thanks to unique design approaches, are positioned as a favorable creative environment for the work of the creative class in the context of the implementation of new creative ideas. It is proved that functionality, artistic image, providing the necessary conditions for efficiency, ease of use, safety and aesthetic pleasure from being in the space of the coworking center and interaction with objects is achieved only through a systematic approach to design, which takes into account functional and technological and social -cultural factors. It is determined that the creation of a creative environment of a coworking center by a designer is the result of complex design - joint technical, aesthetic and artistic activities, the main property of which is anthropocentrism, ie human orientation. Accordingly, in the design process, the designer proceeds solely from human needs (in this case during work) to avoid unwanted adaptation of visitors to the coworking center to the environment created by him. Key words: coworking center, creative environment, design, designing, anthropocentrism, functionality, efficiency.

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