Svarnyk Bohdan. Pantomyma Theater As A Phenomenon Of Modern Spectacular Culture: Specifics Of Additional Transmission Channels

Social Sciences / Other / cultural studies

Submitted on: Nov 28, 2021, 13:21:39

Description: The article reveals the peculiarities of the representation of pantomime theaters in the conditions of new broadcasting channels (on the example of Internet sites and social networks), as well as theorizes socio-cultural conditions that at the present stage determine communication in pantomime theater. The study found that modern pantomime theater, as a phenomenon of entertainment culture, actively represents itself in the network space, which has become an additional channel for broadcasting performances, expanding the boundaries of the audience and providing other opportunities for viewing; rethinks the relationship with the viewer, his role in communication, as well as his own place in the modern world. It is shown that social networks and Internet sites are important platforms for self-presentation of pantomime directors and spectators, discussion and formation of possible directions for further development. In addition to photos and videos (photos of troupe members, videos of pantomimes, videos from tours and festivals), the theaters' websites provide textual information about the history of the group and the theater's activities at the present stage, textual annotations of performances, reviews and forms of communication.

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