Degtyar Daria Oleksiivna. Problems Of Modern Folk And Stage Choreography: Artistic Language And Motivations

Visual Art / Paintings / choreography

Submitted on: Nov 29, 2021, 14:00:02

Description: The article is devoted to revealing the peculiarities of the artistic language of folk-stage choreography at the beginning of the XXI century. and to determine the specifics of the use of motifs of folk dance movements in the process of modern stage interpretation of Ukrainian dance. The article considers the processes of creating signs that make traditional Ukrainian dances unique, as well as identifies the features of their use and transformation in the context of the development of modern stage folk dance. The study found that the leading, determining role in the system of heterogeneous means of artistic language of stage folk dance belongs to the authentic dance culture. This is explained by several aspects: first, the archetypal nature of the stage dance itself, which finds expression not so much in the return to the syncretism of the archaic, but in the appeal to the inexhaustible potential of artistic and aesthetic possibilities contained in any archetype; secondly, the fact that folk-stage choreography is extremely receptive to creative pursuits and bold artistic experiments. That is why even in the most difficult, crisis moments in the history of Ukrainian culture, in the moments of its transformation and transition to a new level, stage folk dance plays a special role, because against the background of complex transformations returns Ukrainian culture national spirit, and on the other the language of folk-stage dance determines the search for new forms and meanings. It is noted that authentic Ukrainian dance, whose motives come from folk beliefs, legends, myths, rituals and ceremonies, is designed to promote the national identity of the modern generation, which is an urgent problem of socio-cultural space of the early XXI century.

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