Vanda Vyshkivska Svitlana Kushniruk. Cultural And Leisure Activity As A Factor Of Preservation Of Ukrainian Identity

Social Sciences / Education / Pedagogy

Submitted on: Dec 30, 2021, 02:23:47

Description: The article proves that cultural and leisure activities as one of the important components of the functioning of society, has a great power of semantic and emotional impact on the individual. The great variety of its forms, means and methods allows conveying to people the ideas of spiritual wealth of society. The content of cultural and leisure activities is due to the needs of society in improving the social relations, the need to preserve Ukrainian identity in the context of globalization, the need to develop diverse abilities of people through the productive organization of their leisure time. It was found that cultural and leisure activities, which in their content and structure involves a variety of entertainment and recreational activities, creates conditions for identifying and satisfying the freedom to choose personal leisure needs and interests, is a process of cultural creation (creation, dissemination and increase of cultural values), which should stimulate the development of creative individuality. It has been proved that in order to preserve the Ukrainian cultural identity, it is necessary to improve the cultural and leisure sphere, because it is in it that folk customs, holidays, folklore, traditions, and rites are most reproduced.

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