Vanda Vyshkivska. Methodological Discourse Of Polycultural Education As A Conceptual Pedagogical Idea

Social Sciences / Education / Pedagogy

Submitted on: Jan 11, 2022, 16:18:09

Description: The article presents the methodological substantiation of the idea of polyculture education. Polyculture education is considered as a kind of purposeful socialization of students, which provides: at the cognitive level E" the development of patterns and values of world culture, cultural, historical and social experience of different countries and peoples; on the value-motivational E" the formation of socially significant and value-oriented tendencies of students to intercultural communication and exchange, as well as the development of tolerance in relation to the culture of other countries, peoples, social groups; at the activity-behavioral level E" an active social interaction with representatives of different cultures while preserving their own cultural identity. It is proved that polyculture education provides the socio-cultural identification of the individual; mastering the system of concepts and ideas about the multicultural environment; fostering a positive attitude towards a diversified cultural environment; development of social communication skills. It is substantiated that the modernization of Ukrainian education, taking into account the general trends of world development, should reflect the interests of Ukrainian society and the state related to the formation of Ukrainian civic identity. An integrated innovation system of multicultural education that takes into account state interests, national and ethnocultural peculiarities of the population, conditions of intercultural dialogue and tasks of designing intrastate and interstate harmony can satisfy such a request.

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