Ms. Sisindi Jayathunga De Silva. Adoption E-wallet for youth without losing it's sustainability

Social Sciences / Economics / Marketing

Submitted on: Mar 05, 2022, 22:46:56

Description: E-wallet known as electronic wallet is a software-based information system which provides paperless transactions for their users in easier. The utility of e-wallet is same as credit or debit card. There are many advantages by using the E wallet. E-wallet allows its customers more advantages than the other payment modes such as, reducing fraud, online shopping, online banking and receive rewards. After analyzing literatures there are three problems are identified to make solution to adopt more users for the E-Wallet. main problems are driven in the subject of ease of use, security issues and sustainability. The research design is planned according to the theoretical acceptance model. For do that quantitative research method is chose and then an online questionnaire is designed to get the users perspective of the E-Wallet by selecting a specific domain. From the theoretical acceptance model necessity features are abstracted and made a research framework for the research context. The features are customer intention, customer satisfaction, customer creditability, social influence, user education, variety of services and ease of use. After that the collected data are categorized for the calculations to make decisions. Finally, the results show over 80% of the participants are in a good satisfaction toward the E-Wallet and the least number of respondents are partially unsatisfied with those services because of the lack of user education. Further more a lot of people are expected to have more offers from the financial parties to link with those services. Under the discussion people have a good intention of the use of E-Wallet. But concern of the security of the E-Wallet is not as like as ease of use. Therefore, to enhance the security of the it should enhance more encryption methods to overcome the security issues. In the conclusion as this research is focused to make an alternative to adopt more customers to the E-Wallet, encouragement of the service providers is one of

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