Ervin Goldfain. The use of entangled-photon imaging in optical biopsy: a feasibility study

Natural Sciences / Engineering Sciences / Engineering other

Submitted on: Apr 14, 2022, 15:10:41

Description: We examine a novel diagnostic method suitable for optical biopsy, i.e. ,the noninvasive in vivo detection of malignant lesions in human tissue. Entangled-photon imaging is an emerging technology based upon the use of non-classical sources of light such as optical parametric oscillators (OPO). These sources generate above-threshold signal and idler beams that have intensity fluctuations highly correlated in space and time (twin beams)"2. It has been shown that low-intensity OPOs make possible high sensitivity absorption measurements of weak targets, below the shot-noise limit3'4. The direct use of this technology for optical biopsy is severely restricted by the large amount of scattering noise associated with light-tissue interaction. We report what is, to our knowledge, the first feasibility study on a differential wavelength, OPO-based setup targeted for mammography. Constraints related to the entanglement time, OPO selection and background suppression are analyzed. The paper concludes with a review of future developments and challenges.

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