Mark Zilberman. The Entropic Potential of an Event in Deterministic and Indeterministic Systems

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: May 03, 2022, 21:00:01

Description: This article analyses entropy changes triggered by specific events in deterministic and indeterministic systems. The article considers a simple model consisting of water in a cuvette, an ice cube in the device above the cuvette and a random number generator (RNG) that controls the probability of dropping the ice into water. The article introduces the entropic potential Z(T, A) of an event A occurred in a system R at the moment Тo, which describes the influence of the event A to the entropy of the system R in the future (at T>Тo). The entropic potential of an event Z(T, A) can be calculated as the difference between the mathematical expectations of entropy of the system R for the moment T (T>Тo) made immediately before and immediately after the event A as Z(T, A) = ŜT(To + dT) E" ŜT(To E" dT). The article also presents examples of calculations of the entropic potentials of events in indeterministic systems with different probabilities of events. Since real-life systems are mostly indeterministic, the entropic potentials of events in real-life usually have non-zero values. The entropic potentials of the events "useful" for the system are negative, and entropic potentials of the events "harmful" for the system are positive.

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