Mudryj Igor. The use of small drilling equipment in the arrangement of pile foundations in compressed conditions

Natural Sciences / Engineering Sciences / Engineering Sciences

Submitted on: Oct 11, 2022, 03:29:47

Description: The procedure for finding technological parameters for the installation of pile foundations with small-sized drilling rigs, when developing design and technological documentation in compressed construction conditions, is considered. Methodological approaches to the choice of technologies for the construction of pile foundations are shown, depending on the dimensions of the small-sized drilling machines used, the required area for their placement, storage areas, and auxiliary equipment. in compressed conditions of construction. The existing normative documents do not set out separate requirements for the development of projects for the execution of works in compressed construction conditions, these norms do not provide for the definition of rational erection schemes for the selected set of mechanization in the dimensions of a specific construction site, which is characterized by various restrictions and obstacles. The proposed requirements for the use of mechanization methods in the conditions of compacted buildings during the installation of pile foundations based on a preliminary analysis of the parameters of the construction site: engineering and geological condition of the site; internal brevity of the designed structure; external brevity of the construction site; dimensions of the driving car; sites for the location of additional equipment, warehouses, unloading areas. Taking into account practical experience in the development of work projects and the analysis of current regulatory documents, made it possible to establish the main requirements for the use of small-sized drilling rigs in densely built-up conditions.

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