Donghwa Kang. Virtual Reality Personality Type Test with Mbti

Social Sciences / Psychology / Consulting Psychology

Submitted on: Nov 06, 2022, 19:40:31

Description: This invention aims to reduce the problem of low job satisfaction, especially disabilities in Korea, by testing their aptitude easily and sincerely. This brand-new test is friendly to people with mental disabilities or physical disabilities. For instance, people with reduced mobility can participate by using the simple controls provided in various ways. In the future, it is possible to prepare a job placement that can have practical effects by introducing a vocational training simulation suitable for the aptitude. Many people, including the disabled, can improve job satisfaction, and this improvement can satisfy the employment rate of the disabled, job suitability, economic and social independence of the disabled, and Maslow's hierarchy of needs: 4th level is esteem need, which includes self-worth, accomplishment, and respect, and 5th level is self-actualization that refers to the realization of a person's potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences.

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