Vira Molotylnikova. Modern Types Of Body Relaxation Methods After Intense Physical Exertion

Social Sciences / Education / Pedagogy

Submitted on: Nov 17, 2022, 05:13:54

Description: The article presents varieties and variants of relaxation techniques advisable to use after intense physical exertion. The concept of "relaxation" and understanding of its role in physical education to maintain health and harmonious development of youth are considered. Considering the fact that one of the main trends in sports remains the increase in the intensity of training and the need to improve the results of competitions, the problem of restoring the athlete's performance capacity after physical exertion is extremely relevant today. Understanding the causes of fatigue and the physiological mechanisms of recovery, control over the relevant processes, the rational use of modern methods of body relaxation and means of recovery are important for assessing the impact of physical stress on the body, the effectiveness of training programs, identifying overtraining, determining the optimal rest time after physical exercises, and therefore, are necessary to improve the athlete's training and achieving high results.

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