Awwal Yelwaji Azare, Salisu Marafa Sagagi, Joseph I. Uduji. Effects Of Digital Marketing On Smes Performance In Northern-nigeria.

Social Sciences / History / Marketing

Submitted on: Dec 13, 2022, 20:58:07

Description: Digital Marketing in today‚Eôs competitive marketing space needs to enhance the current understanding of society today‚Eôs marketing across internet communities, this paper examines how the effect of Digital Marketing and customer loyalty behaviors is influenced by Digital Marketing channel cultural orientation as a medium in the context. The impact of customer engagement in relationships with customer loyalty is examined. We utilized a huge effect on cultural orientation: collectivistic vs. individualistic level of education and awareness between-subject factorial design to generate data from undergraduate and postgraduate student subjects. The database comprising of 370 valid responses was analyzed with multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) and the Andrew Hayes process macro through the SPSS version 23.0 software. The findings indicate that positive Digital Marketing enhances customer engagement and loyalty amongst collectivistic consumers more than individualistic consumers, while traditional marketing techniques are less attractive to customer engagement and loyalty behaviors of collectivistic consumers than individualistic consumers. We also show that not only does customer engagement mediate the effect of Digital Marketing valence on customer loyalty, but the indirect effect was also more pronounced for collectivistic than individualistic consumers. We made two important recommendations. First, firms, especially small and medium-scale owners of business, and hotel service providers want to stimulate positivity. Finally, hotel service providers should consider consumers‚Eô cultural orientation when developing their social media marketing strategies because consumers exhibit perceptual differentials in this platform.

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