Ilia Romanov. Optimization of engines of old cars during restoration. Part 3: Dynamic homogenization of the fuel mixture and testing methods (in Russian)

Natural Sciences / Engineering Sciences / Mechanical engineering

Submitted on: Dec 14, 2022, 20:28:35

Description: As the main basis for optimizing internal combustion engines, the materials of the book show linear homogenization of the fuel mixture, built on the principles of modern pioneering inventions that carry out dynamic homogenization in parallel with mixing of fuel components, in which, after mixing, a homogeneous fuel emulsion is formed in which the water content can be brought to 50%. The sections of the book show for the first time the results of tests of internal combustion engines with a fuel mixture having the form and properties of a homogeneous fuel encapsulated emulsion having a hydraulic shape memory within nanocapsules having the form of spherical nuclei from water or from a liquid condensed from exhaust gases in real time with a shell of gasoline or diesel fuel, while the thickness of the shell is presented in the nano-range.

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