Ilia Romanov. Optimization of the exterior design of cars during restoration. Illustrations and three-dimensional models in the field of automotive industry (in Russian)

Natural Sciences / Engineering Sciences / Mechanical engineering

Submitted on: Jan 30, 2023, 19:12:43

Description: The issues of integrated car design based on the latest achievements in materials science, electronics and all kinds of applied applications in special software devices using elements of artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks in control and control systems should be considered in combination with many important issues and, above all, in relation to options for energy support of normal engine operation, whether it is electric an engine or any of the variants of an internal combustion engine. At one time, the invented variants of the rotary engine began to be put into practice, but automakers could not get any operational effect with such engines. Recently, research has been conducted in the field of rotary engines operating in accordance with the OTTO thermodynamic cycle, which the author of this book wants to consider.

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