Sergio Rojas. Enhancing Reasoning Skills in the Process of Teaching and Learning of Physics via Dynamic Problem Solving Strategies: a Preparation for Future Learning

Social Sciences / Education / Technology

Submitted on: Apr 17, 2012, 21:43:21

Description: The large number of published articles in physics journals under the title "Comments on ··· " and "Reply to ··· " is indicative that the conceptual understanding of physical phenomena is very elusive and hard to grasp even to experts, but it has not stopped the development of Physics. In fact, from the history of the development of Physics one quickly becomes aware that, regardless of the state of conceptual understanding, without quantitative reasoning Physics would have not reached the state of development it has today. Correspondingly, quantitative reasoning and problem solving skills are a desirable outcomes from the process of teaching and learning of physics. Thus, supported by results from published research, we will show evidence that a well structured problem solving strategy taught as a dynamical process offers a feasible way for students to learn physics quantitatively and conceptually, while helping them to reach the state of an Adaptive Expert highly skillful on innovation and efficiency, a desired outcome from the perspective of a Preparation for Future Learning approach of the process of teaching and learning Physics effectively.

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