Belymenko Liliana Ivanovna. Ukrainian National Stylistics Of Stage Vocabulary Of Modern Children's Musical

Visual Art / Other / stage art

Submitted on: May 24, 2023, 05:43:14

Description: The article is devoted to the issue of the reflection of Ukrainian national stylistics in the productions of children's musicals on the stages of domestic theaters in 2010-2020s. It was revealed that the appeal to the traditions of folk culture takes place in the context of the leading modern trends in stage art, thanks to the synthesis of which a unique color of the artistic image of the performance is achieved. The research revealed that the most important cultural and artistic principles of the Ukrainian national stylistics of the stage vocabulary of the modern children's musical are the reproduction of a living tradition and the author's directorial approaches to the interpretation of folklore forms. In some cases, the representation of the Ukrainian folk tradition in a historically authentic form is characteristic, but mostly the directors emphasize a certain stylization and conventionality of the national color - traditional elements are used to create the atmosphere of a folk tale in a modern interpretation. Characteristic stylistic coloring is achieved by using authentic material, folk chants, dances, elements of traditional Ukrainian decor, creating well-known folklore images.

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